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Saturday 21 July

on Sat 21 Jul - 19:28
Karan Venkatramana 15/1 vs 15/1 ; won 7/5 6/1
Very good match from Karan, down 5/1 in the first set.
Too long to get into the fight but as soin as he was in it, very good job!!! Keep it up

Charlie Thursfield 15/4 vs 15/3 ; lost 6/4 6/0
Charlie needs to be more confident on the attacks and at the net. Go for it, try. Slow down on the attacks and find out wide zones or go flat but take the ball earlier!
Good baseline game and good second serve.

Alex Ory 15/5 vs 15/3 ; 0/6 6/3 6/1
Alex perd se match car il a été trop passif sur les balles d’attaque qu’il renvoyait normalement, sans intention de faire mal. Tu sais le faire en plus donc vas y, fini au filet des que tu peux.
Bon jeu en défense en revanche.

Camille Biechelr 15/1 vs 15/ ; won 6/0 6/2
Camille était fatigué. Elle a essayé d’attaquer au debut mais quelques fautes et elle a donc défendu. Adversaire difficile car très offensive. Essaye de plus la déplacer et de t’appuyer plus sur sa balle sans hésitation.

Hugo Obory 15/2 vs 15/4 ; won 6/1 6/2
Very good match from Hugo. Careful on not being to hard with yourself and keep a winning attitude.
Volleys and flat attacks to improve.

Mohammed Saadeddin 30/2 vs 30 ; 6/3 6/2
Good match from Mohammed.
First serve to improve.
footwork too weak when it’s time to close the point or the game or the set.
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