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Sundays 15th July

on Sun 15 Jul - 22:02
Otakar Ungerman vs 15/2

Score 6/0 6/3

Good: Good ball striking qnd smart playing tactically.

to be improved.: can come more often to the net.

Edvard Kozusnik vs 15/2

Scrore 6/2 6/3

Good : Edvard stayed very aggressive and took the ball early he also served well

to be improved : Edvard should make less unforced erreurs and learn to change pace

Jimmy Wey vs 15/3

Score : 6/2 4/6 6/4

good : Jimmy played amazing first set and very agressive  in the 3rd set he came back from being down 4/3.

to be improved : JIMMY has to stay focis he lost the second set because he started crying in between points. When he got calmer he won the match

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