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Saturday 14 July

on Sat 14 Jul - 22:10
Win / Gagne

Adrien Rinaudo (15/1) vs 15/4 score : 3/6 6/3 6/0
Positif : Adrien fought until the end even when he lost the first set 6/3 : he managed to keep a good attitude during the whole match and put in place what we talked about before the match.
Points to improve : Adrien has to focus more on his tactic when he is starting his matches and he needs to use his « lefty » serve more often.

Jai Sai Karan (15/1) VS (15/2) score: 6/3 6/1
Positif: good forehand, and good consistant ground strokes
Points to improve: needs be more consistant on his first serve.

Loss / perdu
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