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Monday 9 July

on Mon 9 Jul - 18:03

Jason Espitalier Noel 3/6 vs 4/6 ; won 6/2 6/3
A améliorer : jeu de jambe, mettre plus d’intensité sur des sequences de jeu
A garder : attitude, variations, régularité
Bon match, Jason un peu fatigué, manque d’intensité par moment mais il est resté calme et régulier.

Fraser Leslie 4/6 vs 3/6 ; won 6/0 7/5
To improve : staying calmer when there is something wrong
To keep : variations, attacks, intensity on his shots
Very good match from Fraser, he was consistant and played good tactically. Stay calm and confident to impress your opponent


Andreea Ciornei 4/6 vs 4/6 ; défaite 6/1 6/4
Andreea was tired, she did too many mistakes on the first set, she was rushing. Second set was better, more variations, less mistakes but tough to play on the backhand side because of her wrist...

Iñaki Braun Simo 5/6 vs 4/6 ; lost 1/6 6/0 6/3
To improve : top spin forehand (step through), first serve, more confident, go for your shots
Up and downs for Iniaki during the match, food with the variations but need to be more confident to end up the point faster when needed.

Guillaume Teste 4/6 vs 5/6 ; défaite 6/4 7/5
A améliorer : volées (jouer plus court et avec plus d’angle), variations vitesse/hauteur/zone, zone 1er service
A garder : qualité de balle, déplacements, jeu vers l’avant
Premier tour pas facile, manque de sensations, frustré donc moins lucide. Ne pas se mettre trop de pression, être plus en confiance.

Cristian Georgiu 4/6 vs 4/6 ; lost 6/3 6/2
Cristian started the match pretty well but at one point he got nervous and unfortunately it affected too much his game, he wasn’t in the fight anymore.
It was the good match to realize that he needs to change his attitude and behaviors when he is playing matches. Let s go man!

Bhavya Aggarwal 30 vs 15/1 ; lost 6/1 6/1
To improve : dropshots (fallow trough more), defending slice (more with the legs), basement (footwork)
To keep : attitude, forehand, tactic, fighting
Good things to keep, it is getting better, too many mistakes on the important points.
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