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THURSDAY 1st November

on Thu 1 Nov - 20:07

NAWAF Rasheed ( 1/6 ) w ( 0 ) 6/3 7/5  PERF !
Positif : BIG man !! Great match ( attitude / spirit / tactical ) keep going Rasheed , well done !!
Négatif : forehand ( low / short balls )

Jonathan Da Silva (2/6) vs 1/6 PERF!!
6/4 4/6 6/3
Positif: une bien meilleure attitude, solide dans la tête de bout en bout malgré un moment délicat, service, consistance
A améliorer: doit suivre plus souvent au filet pour gagner des points plus rapides, retour de service (activation et avancer)

ESPITALIER Jason ( 2/6 ) w ( 1/6 ) 6/4 6/4  PERF !
Positif : très bon match de la part de Jason , bravo !! de bonnes séquences .. continue !
Négatif : coup droit d attaque ( suivre plus au filet )

RAKIM Sarah ( 2/6 ) w ( 3/6 ) 6/3 6/2
Positif : Sarah had a good attitude and super spirit to take his match today , his day was really long .. she was consistent on his baseline , some good variations !
Négatif : forehand ( she is working on it ) so keep going you must find more spin on that side

RAKITSKAYA Daria vs 3/6 W 6/3-6/7-6/1
Good start playing aggressive dictating play.
Right strategy playing the forehand, taking the backhand on the rise hitting through to take time away from the opponent. Good use of shorter angles as she was standing far behind the baseline.
Played steady and safe with the forehand (first set).
Serve was good at times especially in the first set.
To improve
Serving at times, loss of confidence as well as on the forehand side. Keep going after the ball, don't decelerate.
Intensity, high energy over a longer period of time.
Loss of focus in the second and drop of the intensity and energy. Keep staying aggressive and putting pressure on the opponent beginning of second.

MAGOW Abhinav vs 15/4 W 6/0-6/0
Solid match, did not have to force his talent. Just better than his opponent.
To improve
Intensity, footwork, body language.


Emily Lightfoot (4/6) vs 1/6
6/1 6/0
Positive : she is more consistent and calm on court, continue like this!!
To improve : she can use more variations today...and try to adapt your preparations when you are in defense

SPIRIDON Dénis ( 2/6 ) d ( 1/6 ) 6/2 6/3
Positif : good experience / attitude during this match ! Good matches here in this tournament , with time and physical work Dénis will have his chance against this kind of player ..
Négatif : fitness aspects / exercing more pressure on right times ( net)

GOMEZ Pablo ( 1/6 ) d ( 2/6 ) 7/5 6/3
Positif : Excellent match from Pablo , unlucky again to take a strong opponent ( ex -4/6 ) , I m really please with that match cause Pablo is getting better on his way to play tactically ! Well done super attitude and level of game ! Keep going .. it will pay !
Négatif : Pablo did his best he had some occasions in the first set .. returns ( left side / block ) and slice backhand

CHEN Bingru vs 1/6 L 6/3-6/1
Saw a glimpse of something mid first set playing a bit steadier. Came back in the set playing a bit more the backhand side. Kept fighting.
To improve
Shot selection. Too many net misses, especially when backing with more height.
No game plan to execute to my eyes.
Need to see more conviction, more belief.
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