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Thursday 5 July

on Fri 6 Jul - 20:49

Rajan Dushi 5/6 vs 5/6 ; won 6/1 6/0
Very good match from Rajan, solid. He stayed focus and offensive all along the match. Keep it up!

Thibaut Decaluwe 4/6 vs 5/6 ; won 6/3 6/0
To improve : footwork, first serve
To keep : stayed calm, consistant, patient
Good match from Thibaut, it is getting better on the attitude and the patience. Keep it up!

Cristian Gheorghiu 5/6 vs 15 ; won 6/2 7/6
Weird match from Cristian, not really focus on his playing, not moving enough. He was better than his opponent, the match could have been shorter.
To improve : state of mind when you come on the court for the first round.

IƱaki Braun Simo: 5/6 vs 15/2 ; won 6/0 6/3
To improve : need to use his top spin forehand
To keep : slice serve, slice and volley.
Inaki found a good way to beat his opponent with a lot of slices and volleys. It worked, well done. But use more your forehand !!

Emily lightfoot 5/6 vs 5/6 ; won 6/4 6/2
To improve : staying calm between the points, show a confident attitude to her opponent
To keep : serve, baseline shots, moves on the court
Good match overall for Emily, she needs step by step to win in confidence during matches in order to focus on her opponent and be less stress. Tennis wise it is very good.

Andreea Ciornei 4/6 vs ? ; won 6/3 6/2
Good first round for Andreea. With only a slice backhand she manage the match well with her serve and forehand in order to win.


Grace Tomegah 15 vs 4/6 ; lost 3/6 6/4 6/4
To improve : slices, first serve, approach shots
To keep : attitude, baseline shots, fighting
Tough match for Grace, it was a good test to see if Grace can stay focus in her match even if her opponent was complaining a lot.
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