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Tuesday 3rd July

on Wed 4 Jul - 15:47

Sherazad 5/6 VS Inès 15: 6/3 6/2
Positive aspects: good ball quality on both forehand backhand.
To improve: play more secure, use more variations in your game.
Positive aspects: Good height variations. Good strategy on 1st set.
To improve: use more your sliced backhand to make your opponent work more.

Josh VS 3/6. 6/3 6/4
Positive aspects: excellent sliced backhand with good approach to the volley. Good patience during points and strikes on the good ball.
To improve: manage your stress as you win 5-0 in the 2nd.

Rafaelle VS 5/6 7/6 7/6
Positive aspects: down 4-1 in the first, we'll came back and won the set 7-6, good competitive attitude. Good variations on ground strokes. Good defensive skills.
To improve: control your energy and your emotions as you show your opponent weaknesses. Think positive! Stay focus in between 1st and 2nd serve.


Shalom VS : 0/1 ab

Morad VS Grosjean 2/6.  6/7 2/6
Positive aspects: excellent competitive attitude. Good approach at the net. Good striking intention.
To improve: take the ball earlier on backhand as you have to play it to high. 1st serve can be more efficient. Control your footwork on inside out forehand to avoid sideways move. Use more variations to cut the rhythm as your opponent was more consistent.

Theo VS 15. 5/7 6/3 4/6
Positive aspects: many variations, slice, dropshot, cross court. Good competitive attitude.
To improve: footwork can be improved on low balls. 1st a'd 2nd serve can be more efficient. Approach at the volley and volleys can be improved!
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