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on Sun 1 Jul - 23:59

MARGUERON Raphaëlle ( 15/1 ) w LYNN Ella ( 15 ) 4/3 retired
Positive : good attitude , Ella was feeling sik and Raphaëlle did a pretty good job this morning !
To improve : recovery / fitness aspects

hashem adly vs 30/1 score : 6/2 6/1
Positif : très bon match / il a su resté solide tout le match
Point to improve : rien de spéciale vu la couleur au bras

Den Drijver morad (5/6) vs 3/6 score : 7/6 4/0
Positif : très bon match enfin... il a su rester solide du fond en jouant simple. Très positif pour la suite continue comme ça
Point to improve : attention a ta concentration / reste concentré sur yes schémas simple.

RIENZO Inès ( 15 ) w TOMEGAH Grace ( 15 )
Positif : good match and attitude for both ! Inès was more solid on the baseline and Grace missed some finitions . It was a nice game !
To improve : net game / finitions for grace and Serv for ines !


El Tawil Hussein (4/6) vs 5/6 score : 6/3 6/2
Positif : super attitude and the behavior on the court also. You give full power during all the match continue like that and the result it will come
Point to improve : there are 2 point to improve for the futur to beat this players : first to improve the first serve to touch a better zone / second to work on his split step to take a decision faster

Da Silva Jonathan (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 7/6 7/6
Point to improve : l’attitude n’était pas au rendez vous, il perd le match uniquement à cause de ça.

Bhavya Aggarwal score : 6/2 7/5
Point to improve : she needed to believe more to win even if the ranking of the opponent it better than her. Needed to be more constituency from the baseline especially with the backhand

GEORGHIU Christian ( 5/6 ) d 7/6 6/3
Positif : Christian did a really good start with 5/2 up .. then he didn t find the way mentally to conclude it ! He was forcing too much !
To improve : attitude / self control
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