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on Sun 1 Jul - 18:40

Andreea Ciornei 4/6 vs 4/6; won 6/3 6/3
To improve : forehand returns, slices
To keep : First serve, forehand
Good match for Andreea even with no left hand (injured). Very good attitude!

Egor Trofimov 3/6 vs 3/6 won 3/6 7/6 6/4
To improve : first serve zones, set up the point, too many mistakes beginning of the match
To keep : baseline strokes, attitude, going to the net
Great match from Egor, tough first set with a lot of mistakes (rushing) but the he started to variate the zones and the height to get to the net and finish the point!

Rashed nawaf naif 2/6 vs 3/6 ; won 6/3 6/3
To improve : heavy shots, stepping in (not up), tactical plan
To keep : attitude, first serve, defense
Good match from rachid, could have won the match easier if he built up more his point.

Iñaki Braun Simo 5/6 vs 3/6 ; won 6/3 6/1
To improve : consistency, forehand, backhand slice
To keep : serve, backhand, volleys
Good match for Inaki, stayed calm and played smart.

Bingru Chen 3/6 vs 5/6 ; won 6/4 6/0
To improve : Variation, Serve, approach, Go net, backing up shots
To keep : stayed calm, intensity, baseline strokes
Good match, very good second set with better serve and more variations

Kalin Ivanovsky win at 3/6
4/6 7/5 6/1
You was losing 6/4 5/2 and your match started. Perfect third set in serving well and un playing à lot from your forehand. Good tactic.
Stop to be unconsistent mentally and Try to bé more professionnel.

Abdullah Al Barwani win at 3/6
3/6 7/5 6/3
Bad beginning but high level the tird set.Very offensive in coming often conclude on the net, you did lot of forehand winners.Lot of relaxing and créativity on your game. Be careful to be focus full Time.

Lada Baglaeva win at 5/6
6/1 3/6 6/1
Good match with a lot of intensity physically. Consistent and offensive , your tactic was right.
You need now to open more the game and to play deeper.
Be careful at your pourcent of first serve and zones.


Kirill Belov 3/6 vs 5/6 ; lost 7/5 7/6
To improve : first serve, returns, variations
To keep : moves on the court, fighting during the point
Good first set but Kiril didn’t adapt his game to run over his opponent.

Cristian Georgio 5/6 / 3/6 ; lost 6/3 6/0
To improve : 2n serve, forehand defense (high ball), footwork
To keep : baseline strokes, heavy balls
Great beginning for Cristian and then started to move less, did more mistakes.

Kyan Yazdy 3/6 vs 3/6 lost 3/6 7/6 6/4
To improve : Balance (uper body), Take the ball earlier
To keep : attitude, fighting, defense
Great match from Kyan, very long and his opponent made the physical difference at the end.

Bingru Chen Lost at 3/6
3/6 6/3 7/6
Very good intensity and very good attitude because it hard mentally to play your partner.
Good forehand , strong on your séquence forward.
You moved back at the end of the match and there was Fews hésitations. Keep your tactic and your confidence at the important moment.
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