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Saturday, June 30th

on Sat 30 Jun - 11:09
Inaki Braun win at 15/1
6/2 6/2
Positives points: you stayed consistent and let play the opponent who gave lot of points.
Good attitude.
To work: zones of games , intensity of the footwork.


Inès Rienzo perd à 15
6/0 6/0
Gros manque d intensité et d envie , à se demander si tu sais pourquoi tu es sur le court.
Besoin de te recentrer sur tes objectifs.

Morad Den Drijver lost at 4/6
6/4 7/5
Positive points : good intensity and consistent from your baseline .Able to win this match in playing à samedi level full Time, at the important moment, in feeling the game, and slowing down sometimes.

Karan Venkatrama Lost at 5/6
7/6 7/6
Positive points: Lot of intensity on your footwork and your tactic plan was right today.
Good groundstroke, and good serve.
To work: Your mental on the important point , to do less unforced mistakes at this moments of the match.

Sherazad El Barakat Lost at 15/1
2/5 ab.
Injuries knees.
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