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Wednesday, October 31st

on Wed 31 Oct - 20:41
Disha Gabby v Anna Krasovskaya.
15/5 v 30

Anna Krasovskaya wins 7/6 6/0.perf 15/5.
Good match from Anna.
POSITIVE:good vision in her game plan,more consistent, good foot work.
Negative:to many double faults because of stress factors.

Disha Gabby L 6/7 0/6.

Negative:If Disha is not putting her ego on the side she will not make any progress.
Disha had 3 set points in the first set and leading 5/3.
Her stress factors is cutting her game and is killing her value of success.
To many balls in the net after really situations.
At the net no vision of game plan or net covering.
Even Disha is doing her best during training and has a good consistency in match play she has not a basic game plan to come back on.
To big difference in between playing well or catastrophe.
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