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on Sat 16 Jun - 21:02

Hashem VS Final  6/2 6/3
Positive aspects: stayed calm during the all match and very patient to force the opponent to make unforced errors. Good competitive attitude, good consistency on ground strokes. Good match managing as a Final is not easy to play.
To improve: breath to evacuate your stress when getting to important points or beginning or end of the match especially for a final. Come to net when you attack on short balls as you get back into long rallyes.


Bhavia VS 15/2  Final 2/6 4/6
Positive aspects: hit the ball without pressure and enjoyed the final. Good concentration. It is always good for your own experience to play a final. Hit winners on both forehand and backhand!
To improve: find the correct "way to play" during the match between taking risk and play secure. Don't hesitate to trust your forehand on short balls and come to the net.

Pablo VS 15/1 2/6 1/2 ab
Positive aspects: try to do your best being injured. Forehand is excellent. 
To improve: keep your emotions as much as you can. Warm up your body more to avoid injury.

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