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on Sat 16 Jun - 21:02

Pablo VS 15/3  6/3 6/3
Positive aspects: Excellent ball quality on forehand with good variations. Back in a good competitive attitude after few games and good fair play attitude. Good 2nd serve.
To improve: attitude before the match. Attitude beginning of the match (racquet thrown at 0-0). 1st serve can be more efficient. Be focus until your last shot during a point.

Pablo VS 15/2 6/4 6/2
Positive aspects: excellent forehand and serve. Good variations on forehand and good patience. Willingness to win, encouraging himself often. Good fitness as you won 3 matches in 1 day.
To improve: stay focus and stay positive as you lead the match. Do not through your racquet as it can put your opponent back into the match!

Bhavia VS 15/4 6/4 6/4
Positive aspects: Good strategy building! Good attitude going through the ball on short ball. Good patience, willingness to fight and win the match.
To improve: secure your serve to be more confident on your service game. Be focus straight after your serve on the next shot to take the advantage during the point.

Roman VS 30/2 6/0 6/2
Positive aspects: kept focusing on the match even being way better than your opponent. Kept a competitive attitude during the all match.
To improve: serve can be better, especially on 1st serve.


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