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on Sat 16 Jun - 11:58

Sharazad Al barakat 5/6 vs 15 ; won in 3 sets
To improve : too many unforced errors, faster on the legs, attitude
To keep : changing the pace, serving
Some good things to keep but be more consistant all along the match, keep a good attitude, stay positive and motivated !

Abdulah Al barwani 3/6 vs 3/6 ; won 1/6 6/4 6/3
To improve : low volleys, depth (baseline shots), unforced errors (rushing sometimes)
To keep : defense, 2nd serve
Abdu played a long match with long rallies. Get more depth on the first shots, make him move forth and back more.

Kyan Yazdy 3/6 vs 3/6 ; won 6/4 6/1
To improve : returns (footwork and zone), changing pace
To keep : attitude, consistency
Solid match from Kian, he was patient and it pays off. Few errors at the beginning to delete.

Rufaro magarira (3/6) vs 5/6
7/5 6/3
Positif : the result... consistent. And that’s it for today
To improve : rufa has to be much more involved on the court... intense and enjoying playing. It’s a way to be on and outside of the court..

Kiril Belov (3/6) vs 4/6
6/1 4/6 6/1
Positif : super match congrats man, good fight, solid mentally and tactically, kick serve
To improve : kiril can be more agressive again with more intensity on shots, sometimes he is pushing too much. You could make it in two sets by being more focus

Faye Nolan (2/6) vs Shyla Khattar (5/6)
6/1 6/1
Positive : great attitude from both, Faye played very good tactically with right and left, using drop shots also
To improve : shyla has to change more the rhythm she plays always at the same speed without variations

Bingru Chen 3/6 vs 3/6 won 7/5 7/5
To improve : aim higher when you defend, variations, approach shots
To keep : attitude, intensity in the strokes
Bingru was finding long zones during rallies but not going to the net enough and didn’t use enough dropshots, slices and short angles.


Hussein El Tawir 4/6 vs 3/6 lost in 3 sets
To improve : first serve, overheads, return zone
To keep : attitude, fighting
Take more time between the points, don t hesitate to aim higher to get the long zones.

Juan Pablo lost
To improve : Low ball = close stance, ending volleys, first serve
To keep : attitude, attacks, baseline strokes
Pablo did a Lot of forehand, to be more offensive, that s good. Faster on the legs to erase some unforced errors.

Hugo lost
To improve : anticipate the bounce (slices), first serve, net game,
To keep : attitude, motivation, footwork
It is getting better, keep working, Hugo needs to be more confident on the court and apply his tactical plan without hesitating.

Ella Lynn Brown 15 vs 5/6 lost in 3 sets
To improve : Margin with the 2nd serve, footwork (splitjump), too many unforced errors
To keep : focusness, baseline game
Use more your the volume you are able to get with your baseline strokes, Go more to the net after an attack

Kalin Ivanovski (3/6) vs 3/6
6/2 6/2
Positive : not much unfortunately
To improve : attitude, you have to understand that tennis match can have complications with opponent and you need to manage this better... string your racquets also

Alex Gross (15/1) vs 15/1
6/4 6/4
Positive : he tried his best, with good agressive shots. It was his last match of the summer, better than the beginning well done boy!
To improve: be more patient and intense to do less mistakes !!

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