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on Sat 16 Jun - 11:56

khattar shyla (15) vs 5/6 score : 6/3 6/0
Positif : shyla used all the angle of the court especially the cross court / all the approach game she was calm to adjust the shot perfectly
Point to improve : preparation on his forehand to adapt more on the différente ball ( returns or when the ball going fast

Thibault Decaluwe (4/6) / 15 ; won 6/1 6/3
To keep : Attitude, first serve, baseline strokes
To improve : volume with the forehand, going to the net
Thibault played a good match, he was solide. Good attitude, variations with the backhand was efficient, let s do the same with the forehand.

Hussein El tawil 4/6 // 5/6 ; won 6/0 6/0
Perfect match from Hussein, very good behavior on the court, he played all the points full power and stayed offensive all along the match. Good to do dropshots, slices and changing the rhythm. Let s improve the serve now. Keep it up!


SALVI shalom (5/6) vs 15 score : 6/3 6/0
Positif : she has a good attitude / the serve was good
Point to improve : she did to many force error / she didn’t play to the right path

Roe Flannelly Josh 4/6 // 15/1 ; lost 6/0 6/0
Tough match mentally for Josh, against a previous 3/6, now 15/1 with a good game. To focus on the ranking Josh was frustrated.
To improve : first serve, attack on the returns (2nd serve), depth on the baseline game
Keep the desire to win against those guys, next time let s come on the court all fresh with one goal : winning

Leslie Fraser 4/6 // 5/6 ; lost 7/6 6/3
To improve : variations on the first serve zones, depth with the forehand, going to the net faster
To keep: baseline consistency, fighting
Tough first round for Fraser, but good to play against guys like this because Fraser had to set up the point himself.
Make him move forth and back more and go more to the net.

Duffy Christian 5/6 // 4/6 ; lost 7/6 6/2
To keep: attitude, baseline game, 2nd serve
To improve: first serve, volleys, approach shots
Good match from Christian despite his painful arm.. Christian is now able to be very consistant on the baseline, let s work on the net game to be more confident on the attacks.

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