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on Sat 16 Jun - 11:56

Shyla Khattar win at 15/1
6/2 6/0
Positives points : consistency , deep zones , your tactic plan was good and you was patient.
Good match!
To work: to hit earlier when the ball is short. To change the rythm.

Roman Shishlov win at 15
7/5 5/7 6/1

Positives points : Your attitude with your back hurt, your consistency on your forehand , good return ,
To work : séquence forward backhand , balance.


Hugo Obori Lost at 15/1
6/2 6/1
Positive points: strokes from the baseline , attitude, long rallyes.
To work: finishion of the points, tactic plan, transfert .

TOMEGAH Grace (15) vs 15/1 score : 6/0
Positif : Tried many different tactics,potential for greatness,good physical.
Point to improve : could be more aggressive on the court and self motivated, be more confident with shots and mental, should accept the game of opponent and keep

Karan venkatramana (15/1) vs 5/6 score : 6/3 7/6
Positif : he did a good match / he has a good game plan and he respect it ! ( for the first time )
Point to improve : to many mistake when he has to defense the ball / needed to believe than he can win even if the opponent has 2 more ranking than him to don’t just try to make a good match

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