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on Sat 16 Jun - 11:56

Ella Lynn Brown win at 5/6
6/1 6/2
Positive points : consistency forehand and backhand and your deep zones
To work: the attitude, to show nothing at thé opponent , to control more your emotions.

Inaki Braun Simo win at 15
3/6 6/2 6/1
Positive points : good adaptation at the specific game of your opponent. Good serve. Good attack on his drop shot.
Good attitude.
To work: intensity on the footwork , play more clay

SALVI shalom (5/6) vs 15 score : 7/5 6/0
Positif : she was strong in his head / very good attitude
Point to improve : the started was difficult but she made a very good come back after winning 11 games in a row. Just be careful on the intensity from the beginning of the match

Karan Venkatrama win at 15
7/5 6/0
Positive points: attitude positive, forehand , tactic plan.
To work: to control your emotions during the important moments , to change more the rythm during the points .


Inès Rienzo perd a 5/6
6/4 7/5
Bien tactiquement d essayer de jouer haut et long. Manque d intensité parfois mais surtout d intensité mental dans les moments importants.
Problème de rythme en coup droit

DUSHI rajan (4/6) vs 15 score : 7/6 6/2
Point to improve : the attitude needed to be much more better / needed to keep his head up even if he lost the first set.

Yan Sheng Bin Lost at 15
6/3 6/1
Bad feeling today without confidence.
Miss balance and transfert on all your balls.
Need to put more intensity on the other tournaments and to play with your fighting spirit!

Agassi Tomegah lost at 15/1
6/3 6/4
Positive points: good attitude , séquence forward and tactic plan.
To work: the conclusion of the point. Thé unforced mistakes. Kickserve.

Ayan Mehra lost at 5/6
7/5 6/4
Positive points : accélération forehand backhand and consistency
To work: attitude, abilities to conclude the set, the importants points.To be more regular.

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