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on Sat 16 Jun - 11:50

Rajan dushi (5/6) vs 4/6 score : 7/5 7/5
Positif : he was much more focus than yesterday. He come on the court with a game plan. He was constituency and play on the right way
Point to improve : needed to be more calm and to show less emotion on the court

Kiril Belov (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 7/6 6/0
Positif : very good tie break / better better in the second set the attitude and the game plan
Point to improve : the first set he push the ball to much he was not enough aggressive / attitude in the begging of the match was very bad ( be careful next time )

Kian Yazdi (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/0 6/1
Positif : perfect match / the intensity was good / he come more often to the net.

Andreea ciornei (4/6) vs 5/6 score : 6/2 6/0
Positif : she was super constituency during all the match / she played more aggressive in the 2 set


Thibaut Decaluwé (4/6) vs 3/6 score : 7/6 6/0
Positif : he did a good first set even if there is some stupid mistake he can correct in the futur
Point to improve : the second set you was not ready in your head to try to coming back to the match

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