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Tuesday, October 30rd

on Tue 30 Oct - 19:16

MAGOW Abhinav vs 30 : 7/5 6/3

Positive : Solid win once again for Abhinav. Solid groundstrokes and serving overall.

To improve : Don't change and try new things when you are up at the score. Keep the same game plan as long as it works. Your net game can improve a lot. You need to be more aggressive at the net.


NZEWI Jade vs 30/2 : 3/6 5/7

Positive : Fought back from 3/6 1/5 match point down but it was too late unfortunately.

To improve : Find solutions when things don't go your way, do not wait until the last moment to wake up and fight back. Focus 100% on the match please.

ETTY Edward vs 5/6 : 6/4 6/7 4/6

Positive : Overall solid baseline game. Backhand down the line was good but not efficient.

To improve : Recognize after couple games what game plan you need to implement to be the most effective. You need to build you a serve where you gonna serve at least 1 or 2 aces per service games.

LECLERQ Roxanne vs 3/6 : 3/6 4/6

Positive : Went for your shots when had the opportunities it was quite a close match. You need to use that match to understand you are right there competing with those kind of players. Just need to adjust few details.

To improve : 1st Serve percentage was not high enough. Your footwork on clay can improve so much: understand and recognize when and how to slide efficiently.
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on Tue 30 Oct - 23:06

CHEN Bingru ( 2/6 ) w ( 3/6 ) 7/5 7/6
Positif : Bingru won this match mentally and he had a good attitude during this match ! Good offensives situations ..well done ! keep working !
Négatif : Forehand

SPIRIDON Denis ( 2/6 ) w ( 2/6 ) 6/0 6/2
Positif : Dénis did a really good match , he found the right way / plan to beat his opponent tonight , well done !
Négatif : nothing special tonight
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