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on Sat 16 Jun - 11:47

Kian Emily Lightfoot (5/6) vs 5/6
5/7 6/4 6/2
Positive: great fight she accept to be more consistent, attitude
To improve : serve in priority!!

Antreas Djakouris (2/6) vs Leslie Fraser (4/6)
6/1 6/1
Positive : attitude from both, Antreas played with lot of trajectories heavy balls well done !
To improve : Fraser has to accept the rally behind the baseline, he is taking too much risks. Serve for Fraser

Alex Gross (15/1) vs 15/1
6/3 6/3
Positive : great match for Alex, he put a lot of trajectories and use his power to push the opponent to the mistakes great match
To improve: to be more focus point by point there are still too many mistakes for no reason

Yazdi (3/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/2 6/2
Positif : solid match / stay very constituency needed to created little bit more
Point to improve : needed to play deeper on his backhand / to step in and to come more often to the net

Chen Bingru (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 7/5 7/6
Positif : he fins the way to win / he stay calm and he keep the head up even when I was 5/2 down in the first set
Point to improve : to be more reactive from the beginning of the match he start the match to soft.

Kalin Ivanovski (3/6) / (3/6) score: 6/4 7/6
Positiv: dropshots, baseline game
To improve : winning attitude,
Kalin played a good match against a consistant guy. He found ways to win the match. Now let’s stay motivated no matter what and show always a winner attitude to your opponent.

Kiril Belov (3/6) / 2/6 score : 5/7 6/4 7/6
Positive : Attitude, fighting, defense, consistancy
To improve : Attacks and volleys
4 hours match for Kiril today, good fight, long rallyes. Now let s try to attack more and go to the net to win the point faster.

Rufaro (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/1 6/1
Positif : she was controlling the point
Point to improve : to attack more and come inside the court often

Nicolas Jadoun (2/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/3 6/3
Positif : bon match dans l’ensemble. Plutôt bien servie / a bien touché les amortis
Point to improve : trop de frappes en reculant, doit traversé un peu plus la balle

Kiril Belov 2nd match (3/6) vs 2/6 score : 7/6 6/2
Positif : solid match after the first match this morning (4hours) he still find the intensity to win this match

Abdulha el barwani (3/6) vs 3/6 score: 7/5 3/6 6/0
Positif : super fighting / was a good match / super attitude
Point to improve : serve / to be more patient on the court


Jonathan Da Silva (3/6) vs 2/6
3/6 6/0 6/3
Positif : très bonne solidité derrière sa ligne, des changements de rythme, service de qualité
A améliorer : un peu trop nerveux en général, beaucoup de moments clés mal gérés a 30/30 dans le 3eme set

Egor Trofimov (3/6) vs 2/6
7/5 6/4
Positive : he fight all match long good attitude
To improve: he had the good tactical 4/1 up and then many unforced errors, egor has to be more solid and consistent with more trajectories

Morad (4/6) vs 3/6 score : 7/5 7/5
Positif : il est rester calme malgres la perte du premier set / il y a eu de très bonne séquences dans le match il doit encore géré quelque point différemment.
Point to improve : tres bon premier set jusqu’à 5/2 à partir de 5/2 un relâchement mental (doit réussir à rester concentré tout le long du match)

Rachid (2/6) vs 2/6 score : 3/6 2/6
Positive : Attitude, fighting, dropshots
To improve : Taking the ball ealier and step more on it
Tough match against a previous -4/6, the guy was stronger than Rachid. But Rachid tried his best.

Cristian G (4/6) / 3/6 score : 6/7 3/6
Positive : tactic, touch, dropshots, baseline shots
To improve : stay calm, first serve, adaptation to the environment (wind)
Cristian played well but he got to nervous and it affects his game. If he stays calm and positive he would play a very good match.

Rajan (4/6) vs 2/6 score : 7/6 6/2
Positif : good first set / the attitude start to be better but not perfect he needed to take care about this part
Point to improve : attitude / to fight until the match it’s done even if it’s lose the first set very tight

Kian Yazdi 2nd match (3/6) vs 2/6 score : 6/3 6/4
Positif : good match in general even if he started with a long of pressure, he needed to be more calm and focus more about the game plan
Point to improve : to be more relaxed when he started the match / backhand still to short / he needed to be more focus until the point his finished

Chen Bingru (3/6) vs 2/6 score : 6/4 2/6 7/6
Positif : it was better than this morning / I can see there is a game plan and he respected this
Point to improve : needed to use more the drop shot especially on clay court to break the rythme or to use the angle

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