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on Wed 13 Jun - 15:57

Raphaëlle VS (15/1) WO


AL BARWANI Abdullah ( 3/6 ) d ( -2/6 ) 6/3 7/5
Positif : really good tournament and experience this morning ! Bad luck that Abdullah was a bit exhausted of his match of yesterday ..
To improve : recover / rest / fitness aspects

GOMEZ Pablo ( 2/6 ) d ( -2/6 ) 6/2 6/2
Positif : unfortunately not so many things positive today !
To improve : mental match approach , he needs to really get a better conditioning to play at this kind of ranking

PARIK Ishita ( 2/6 ) d ( 2/6 ) 5/7 6/2 6/1
Positif : really good reaction in the first set , Ishita kept trying his best during all the match so well done for that today , good fighting spirit !
To improve : service / backhand / fitness aspects

Bahvia VS 30 3/6 3/6
Positive aspects: took into account what we said last time. Good variations with sliced backhand and inside out forehand. Good approach to the volley! Competitive attitude during the all match. Keep going, you will win those matches very soon!

To improve: be more focus right after you serve, on your next shot. Be more secure on your 1st serve as you are getting to important points to avoid pressure on your 2nd serve and get double fault. Come more at the volley as you have a good forehand which allows you to play easy volley and to finish the point faster.

Hugo VS 15/4 3/6 4/6
Positive aspects: Good mental attitude and preparation as you had to wait for your opponent. Aware of which strategy to choose to win that match. Good variations on both backhand and forehand.

To improve: keep the ball in the court as soon as you start your match. You'll be more confident in your shots and then more consistent which will allow you to apply your strategy. Secure your serve as there was a lot of wind. Play simple to make your opponent play and to provoke unforced errors. Sliced backhand can be even better, it will get you more easy point!

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