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on Wed 13 Jun - 15:54

Christian Duffy 5/6 / Ilan Rihal 15/1

Won 6/4 6/4

To improve:
Zone first serve
Stepping in with the forehand
Consistancy from the baseline

To keep:
2nd serve
Intensity in the strokes

Good first match, try to be more consistant all along the match, don’t hesitate to slow down sometimes and let your opponent take risks.

Inaki Braun 5/6 / 15/1

Won 6/4 7/6 (7-5)

To keep :
Variations with the first serve
Going to the net to end up the point

To improve :
Backhand Slices
Intensity on every points

Tough match against a « slice pusher » Good to win those matches, Inaki found the way to win but he need to be more consistant on his tactical plan when it works


George Agassi 15 / Mathieu Perole 15/1

Lost 0/6 2/6
Wrist very painfull, tough to play without serving and mostly slicing with the forehand

To improve :
High volleys
Zones with the forehand slice (deeper)
Steping more on the ball

To keep :
Motivation to be on the court

Hayan Merha 15 / 15/1

Lost 4/6 3/6

To improve:
Less talking between the points
Foot work on the approach shots
First serve

To keep:
Attitude when he wins a point
Consistancy on the baseline
2nd serve

Ayan played some good points but he didn’t adapt enough his tactic to bother his opponent game.

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