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on Mon 11 Jun - 20:57

Arthur CHARRIER vs 15/1 Maxime Becouarn
6:3 6:1
Positive: good match with confidence. He dictated the game!

Raphaëlle MARGUERON vs 15/3
6:0 6:3
Positive: very good first set. She was positive on the court. Very good serve

Sim SIPAHIOGLU vs 30/4
7:5 6:0
Positive: very good second set
Points to improve: play more brave and find the tactic faster.

Luciano LAROSA vs 15/2 James
6:4 6:2
Positive: good attitude and behaviour on the court. He was playing very smart. Good match


James O’SULLIVAN vs 15/1 Luciano
4:6 2:6
Positive: good attitude and good fight. Good concentration during the match.
Points to improve: be more patient and deeper zone

Maxime BECOUARN vs 5/6 ArthurCHARRIER
3:6 1:6
Positive: good performance, good fighting spirit.
Points to improve: work on solid opening shot and zone.

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