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on Fri 1 Jun - 17:17

Bhavya AGGARWAL vs 30/1: 6/2-6/2
Positive points : good consistency, you were able to keep the ball in the court more than your opponent today.
To improve : you could be a little more aggressive with your forehand.


Raphaël AVANZI vs 30/4: 6/2-6/2
Points positifs: très bonne attitude et Raphael a fait enormemenetn de progrès dans la construction du point ! On a vu des échanges de 10 frappes. Ce qui était impensable il y a quelques mois.
A améliorer: le replacement !

Disha GABA vs 30 : 6/2-6/2
Positive points: you tried your best. Good on te serve even if you double fault on match point ;-)
To improve: be careful not to get mad to outside events !!

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