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on Fri 1 Jun - 17:13

Benjamin GINEFRI vs 15: 3/6-6/3-6/3
Positive points: very good fight and attitude.
Points to improve: be careful to not always play on the same rhythm! Especially on this surface you need to change the pace at some point to dictate.

Rajan DUSHI vs 15/1 : 6/3-6/2
Positive points: very good first round. He controlled the match from A to Z being in charge of most of the points.
Points to improve: Rajan seemed very tired. He needs some rest to attack the ST in good shape !

Fraser LESLIE vs 15 : 6/4-7/6
Positive points: what a come back from 5/0 down !! Very offensive as Vlad told you.
Points to improve: tactical consistance ! You need to play the way from A to Z. You had 5 games being completely out !

Grace TOMEGAH vs 15 : 6/1-6/3
Positive points : you held yourself together mentally which is a good thing ! You were moving quite good on the court.
To improve : your game being inside the court (finish shots). You could more variation on the high.


Ayan MEHRA vs 4/6 : 3/6-6/3-6/3
Positive points: very aggressive, Ayan took his chance to win the match. Very good with his down the line backhand.
Points to improve: consistance. He needs to keep the same intensity throughout the whole match.

Léa MOCHER vs 15: 6/2-6/2
Points positifs: attitude très bonne, souriante sur le court ! Elle s’en est bien sorti avec sa nouvelle prise de coup droit (en jouant haut lifte côté revers adverse).
A améliorer: service en premier lieu. Également approfondir les schémas tactiques en fonction de l’adversaire.

Cristian GHEORGHIU vs 15/1 : 6/3-6/3
Positive points: Cristian fought hard to come back in the second.
Points to improve: one more time his attitude isn’t good, I could even say unacceptable towards the end of the match.

Theo CHEVALERIAS vs 15/2 : 6/3-2/6-10/6
Positive points: Belle bagarre ! Beaucoup mieux du fond de court.
Points to improve: Manque de régularité tactique après un très bon deuxième set il fallait continuer sur le même rythme dans le super tie break !

Srishti DHIR vs 15: 7/5-6/1
Positive points: you have a good analysis of your match. You saw everything the right way.
To improve: you need to understand that if your first shot isn’t good enough then you’ll be defending the whole points. And this is not your strength !

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