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on Fri 1 Jun - 17:13

Arry Muhyaldeen vs 5/6
4/6 6/4 6/4
Positive: You played the best match of the year. Solide and focus. I loved the quality of the serve and the firsts shots.
To improve: A bit too nervous at the end of the match but I can not blame him for that. I would like to see him to go more at the net.

Adrien Rinaudo vs 15/3
6/2 6/1
Positive: Tres bon slice pour le premier service. J'aime l'utilisation du décalage coup droit. Tu as été performant au filet.
To improve: Attention au pourcentage du retour de service. Les balles de finitions.

Ella Lynn Brown vs 30
6/1 6/0
Positive: A very easy match for her today. She didn't try to overplay and just controlled the match.
To improve: She could try to go to the net a bit more.


Hussein El Tawil vs 5/6
5/7 0/6
Positive: Very good first serve. He came back from 4/1 to 4/4 then 5/5. The passing shot worked very good today. The loved the defensive game.
To improve: He did not change his tactic during the second set and did not play with the same intensity.

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