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Yassine Smiej (1/6) vs 1/6
6/1 6/2
Positive : il a garde l’attitude et a tout essayé...
a améliorer : il n’a pas récupéré suite à un match interminable hier... service catastrophique aujourd’hui, 10 doubles fautes... beaucoup de fautes en revers qui est son meilleur coup à la base, les jambes étaient lourdes ! Dommage Yass !

Antreas Djakouris (2/6) vs 2/6
6/4 6/3
Positive : competitive attitude, always positive and fighting.. good job you really changed from the last two months... good consistency and contre attack on backhand, better job on forehand, serve is better and much more efficient
To improve: today he played a guy who was used to be -4/6 and didn’t loose against player under 0 for many years, that was tough but djakou played same level until 4/5 and 3/4 1st and 2nd sets... he got break on serve on key moments with bad mistakes... (mental aspects!!!)
Keep going boy good job !

Leilany Ipunesso (2/6) vs (-2/6)
Positiv: Meilleur attitude dans le 2eme set, plus combative, et plus régulière !
Négatif: Leilany est restée trop loin derrière sa ligne, elle a subit le jeu de son adversaire.

Ishita Parikh (1/6) vs (-15)
Positiv: Really good second set from ishita. More relax, she was playing better zone and was controlling the point. It was going to fast for her opponent.
Negativ: In the first set, ishita was really crisp and nervous, so it went really fast. In the third set, ishita didn’t start well with more mystake, misses some opportunity to come back to 2/1 but lost it and then the match turn and her opponent keep her service game ! It was close !

Josh Roe Flannely (5/6) vs (15/1)
Positiv: ....
Negativ: Josh didn’t fight during the match, he was looking tired and was not trying enough. He wanted to focus more on the other tournament later in the day.

Alexis Delisle (1/6) vs (1/6)
Positif: Alexis n’a rien lâché, et s’est battu jusqu’au dernier point.
Négatif: Alexis n’est pas bien rentré dans son son match, breaké d’entrée il a fait de grosses fautes dans le premier... Dans le 2eme, Alexis a été un peu moins régulier sur les points importants.

Daria Rakitskaia (3/6) vs (2/6)
Positiv: Better attitud in the second set. More fighting.
Negativ: Daria didn’t start well, loosing fast 5/0. She did many unforced error in forehand during the match.
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