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on Mon 28 May - 19:56

Aadithi vurum (4/6) vs Emily Lightfoot (5/6)
Positive : good attitude from both of them, they had good and bad moments but they stayed calm. Consistent game for aadithi, better also on Emily’s side.
To improve: footwork for aadithi she has to move better on sides... Emily has to be more consistent in general to make her opponent miss and not always look for the winner

Chen Bingru (3/6) vs 4/6
3/1 retired
The opponent started the match with injury...

Abdullah al barwani (3/6) vs Egor Trofimov (3/6)
5/0 retired
Egor was injured before the match because of first round yesterday, he tried but nothing to do

Jason Espitalier (3/6) vs 5/6
6/2 6/2
Positif : good match, foreward game, serve
To improve : attitude too negative, you really need to be more positive Tu

Daria (3/6) vs (1/6)
Positiv: Really solid from the baseline, she was founding long zone with heavy ball and was accelerating on the good ball ! Well done ! Good match !
Negativ: Keep working on your net game, you can come earlier at the net !


Aidar aidossov (3/6) vs 3/6
6/2 6/1
Positive : he stayed calm and tried, all match long !
To improve : serve and return against this kind of agressive player with good serve

Jason espitalier (3/6) vs (3/6)
Négatif: Très fatigué après son bon tournoi à cabris la semaine passée, il n’a pas tenu le rythme !

Andrea Cornei (5/6) vs (2/6)
Positiv: Good attitud, fighting all the match.
Negativ: Be careful on important point. Keep working on your return.

Rufaro Margarira (3/6) vs (2/6)
Positiv: Better attitud in the second set, trying to manage the point and she was leading 4/3...
Negativ: Rufaro doesn’t move enough and is not enough involved in her match, she needs to show more determination on the court !

Chen bingru (3/6) vs (3/6)
Negativ: He was attacking all the balls, and it was only winner or mystakes... not enough consistent to challenge his opponent !

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