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Sunday, October 28th

on Sun 28 Oct - 11:49

Gluck Alexander vs 15 PERF!!!
6:3 6:0
Positive: super match, with good attitude and very professional behaviour. Concentrated, fighting for every point!!! Bravo!

Alisa Baboshin vs 30/1 Anelle Tait
6:3 6:2
Positive: good agressive game. Good fighting spirit. Very involved in the match. Good concentration. Bravo - she won all tournament in category 15/16!
Points to improve: work on your consistency and shot selection. Control your attitude because sometimes you talk to match.


Anelle Tait vs 15/1 Alisa Baboshin
Anelle had good attitude but it was a bit too calm, no emotions. Not enough fighting spirit and mood to win this match. She was doing a lot of easy mistakes. Maybe she was tired after so many matches because her footwork was so so. Work on solid preparation before the shot and your stance, quality !!!
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