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Saturday october 27th

on Sat 27 Oct - 22:02
Szilagi Ryan
Loses 6/2 7/5
Ryan played against a good opponent who push him to make some mistakes. He came back on the second sets and were close to win it but his opponent toke the ball earlier and Ryan when late on the ball to control the point.

Hurtic Ahmed vs Gluck Alexandre
6/4 6/3 Alexandre win
Victoire d'Alexandre qui a su serrer le jeu au bon moment. Il a cherché a varier son jeu et a poussé son adversaire à la faute.
Ahmed were realy agressive and try to disturbe his opponent. He did not fine some good angles to push his opponent far from the ball.

Almaseanu sacha vs Rinaudo adrien
Defaite 6/2 1/6 7/5
Sacha est resté un peu timide au premier set face à un Adrien qui a géré le match.
Deuxième set retournement de situation Sacha a pris totalement le jeu à son compte.
Troisième set serré, Sacha est mené tout le long et malgré le fait qu'il sauve une balle de match à 5/4 n'arrive pas a prendre le dessus.

Baboshin Alisa defaite 6/3 6/2
Alissa did not take the opportunity to manage the game. She played against a player who push her to made some mistake. Alissa were a bir stress and she didn't start the match with easy shot which help her to create confidence.

Lucas Bitzer vs  Fakhoury Omar
Lucas win 5/0 retired
Lucas were dominate the game and Omar pulled his muscle on a sprint.

Tait Anelle win 6/2 6/0 vs guivarch 30/2
Anelle control the game from the begining to the end, and did not give any opportunity to her opponent.
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