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on Thu 17 May - 19:01

CIORNEI Andrea 5/6 vs BERTRAN DE BALANDA Marie 5/6: 6/1 ab.
Positive: Very aggressive on the first two shots. Really good attitude.
To improve: Nothing today

Aidar AIDOSSOV (3/6) vs 4/6 score : 6/4 6/2
Positif : was not a easy match the opponent push Aidar to be more consistency. And he stayed very calm during all the match
Point to improve : moving forward / coming more at the net

RICHARDS Spencer 15/1 vs OBORI Hugo 15/2: 6/1 3/1 ab.
Positif: Bon match de Spencer avec une très bonne attitude.
Il a joué très juste tactiquement.
A améliorer: Les débuts de sets et les passings shots.

MIRTORABI Zino 15/1 vs BOLIVAR Gonzalo 15/1: 6/2 6/2
Positive: Consistent on the first three shots and aggressive after.
Very good on important points. Good attitude throughout the match.
To improve: Stay focused until the end of the match
Be more aggressive on returns when your opponent's serve is average.

O'SULLIVAN James vs 15/5: 6/3 7/6
Positive: did the job even if it was not a good day.
A lot of winners as usual
To improve: Too many mistakes with your forehand.
Don't change your strategy when you're winning


BOLIVAR Gonzalo 15/1 vs MIRTORABI Zino 15/1: 6/2 6/2
Positive: You did your best today despite your shoulder injury.
You fought the whole match with a good attitude. Really consistent
To improve: Heal your shoulder to be 100%
Be more aggressive on short balls.

OBORI Hugo 15/2 vs RICHARDS Spencer 15/1: 6/1 3/1 ab.
Positive: Serve and attitude
You changed your tactic at the end of the first set
To improve: Consistency !! Especially on your forehand.
Finishing shots at the net
Gave up because big blisters on his hand.

Grâce TOMEGAH 15 VS 15. 1/6 0/6
- Few good approaches
Points to improve:
- she did too many unforced errors
- she started to change the game plan too late (0/6 1/5)
- she has to improve the footwork, moving faster
- she didn’t accept to play with more patience against a pusher

BERTRAN DE BALANDA Marie 5/6 vs CIORNEI Andrea 5/6: 6/1 ab.
Marie n'a pu défendre ses chances en raison d'une blessure au dos qui l'a contraint à l'abandon.

Christian DUFFY 15 VS 1/6. 0/6 1/6
- he did few good serves
Points to improve:
- he has to learn to play more consistent at this level, fighting more, accepting to play with more patience
- he has to increase his level of intensity against this level
- he has to believe in himself against a better ranking
- he has to adapt his return against a big server (compact back swing, cut the trajectories, transfer of the weight)

Tristan TAYLOR 4/6 VS 1/6. 6/7 6/7
- he played very seriously match
- he played big serves (fast, percent)
- he did a lot of forehand winners
- he fighted until the last point
Points to improve:
- he had to be a bit more patience at 5/2 when the opponent started to play very solid (wanted to finish too early, rushing)
- he played a bad game at 6/5 (4 backhand unforced errors) surely because he was tight
- he played sometimes backhands too short
- he has to learn to play heavy cross court forehands when he has to defend hard (slice too much)

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