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on Tue 15 May - 20:52

Andrea Ciornei vs 15 Lea Mocher
6:2 6:1
Positive: good attitude, good intensity, good match!

Sim Sipahioglu 30 vs 30/1
6:0 6:0
Positive: good attitude! very fast match with a lot of winners! Bravo.

Zino Mirtorabi vs 15/2 Adrien Rinaudo
6:3 6:3
Positive: good match and good attitude.
He was involved in the game and focused.


Adrien Rinaudo vs 15/1 Zino Mirtorabi
3:6 3:6
Positive: good fight!
Points to improve: try to work on your concentration and stay more calm. During many points he lost his mind making mistakes. Work on solid points preparation!

Lea Mocher 15 vs 5/6 Andrea Ciornei
2:6 1:6
Positive: good attitude. Good serve and backhand!
Points to improve: try to prepare faster to the ball! And put higher intensity in the match. Work still on your forehand!

Hugo Reime vs 15/2
1:6 6:4 0:6
Positive: good attitude and good fighting spirit. He was playing very good in the second set - he dictated the points and going more forward.
Points to improve: point preparation and more solid volley because he could not finish the point with volleys. Too many outs playing inside out FH.

Can Sipahioglu vs 15/2
3:6 3:6
Positive: attitude and behaviour
Points to improve: work on your aggressiveness and point construction - many unforced errors, many short balls. He played 70% of the match in the service boxes.

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