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on Tue 15 May - 20:51

- Liu Pheng Ming vs Rayan Dushi 61 64
Positive: good match from both of them, liu a little more consistent in the end
To work on: liu concentration and intensity all the match, Rayan second serve

- Abdullah al Barway Barwani vs 4/6 64 67 64
Positive: great net game!!!
To work on: serve quality and return

.Thibault Decaluwe (5/6) VS Julien Fagart (4/6) : 6/2 4/6 6/5 Ab.  PERF
Point positif : Thibault a su être agressif en dominant avec son service aujourd'hui performant, et son coup droit
Point à améliorer : Attention aux excès de nervosité et à trop vouloir en faire côté coup droit. Thibault doit savoir être plus efficace et moins donner de point en situation de déséquilibre côté coup droit.

.Hussein El Tawil (5/6) VS Luke Issajenko (3/6) : 2/6 6/3 6/4 PERF
Positiv point : Excellent match from Hussein, he can be poroud of him. His opponent was very tall and served strong. But Hussein kept the fight from the beginin to the end. He found solutions on return and made his opponant play one more shot and do the mistake. He fisnishe by an amazing passing down the line. It was a real pleasure to see this fight.
Point to improve : I think hussein can work on a better first serve to disbalance more the opponent. And play stronger to have a better ball quality. There is a good marge of improvement for Hussein.

.Ella Lynn Brown (15) VS Emily Lighfoot (5/6) : 6/4 6/2 PERF
Positive point : Good match from Emily, better on serve and solid today. She is improving match per match, attitude, tactic, serve tecnic. Good job !
Point to improve : Ella was so tense, she was unable to hit forehand, so she slice a lot with her forehand... We are working on her calm attitude and breathe to stay lucid and to be abble to play 100% on each matches.

Léa Mocher gagne à 15/2
6/4 6/4
Bon match de reprise et et bon jeu vers l avant en allant cherchant les points au filet.
Coup droit à travailler encore, chercher plus de longueur en match pour neutraliser.

Taylor Tristan win at 3/6
6/3 6/1
Very strong in forehand and serve. You win your match around your strenght un playing very agressive.
Good consistency on backhand .
Attitude very calm, good job !

Marie Bertrand gagne a 15/1
6/1 6/0
Bon match en contrôle , bonne attitude et bien tactiquement.
Besoin de plus de longueur en coup droit.

Kalin Ivanovski Lost at 15
3/3 ab, injurie.

Christian Duffy won at 3/6
3/3 ab, injurie from the opponent.


- Tanisque Malpani vs 4/6 16 26
Positive: he is on the way back!!
He struggled with some knee problems but he is finding the grip on the mathese back

.Emily Lightfoot (5/6) VS Ella Lynn Brown (15) : 4/6 2/6
Positiv point : Emily try to, she do her best to do what she can during all the match, she never tank
Point to improve : However, she is so nervous, and that's why she can not play good tactically, she made many unforced error. Emily has a lot of quality in her racket, but she needs to learn how to keep calm.

.Raphael Scharr (5/6) VS Mathieu Thomas (4/6) : 6/7 6/4 4/6
Positive point : Raphael is a fighter. From his baseline he is very hard to play. Not easy to do a winner against him. He went to the net a little bit, better than the last match i saw in Vence.
Point to improve : If Raphael wants to win easily at 4/6, he just need to know how to change the rythm and take the ball early. Be more agressive is the key !

Alexis Watelet perd à 4/6
6/3 6/1
Problème en coup droit qui a du mal à sortir de la raquette , soucis de rythme qui se règle en fin de match quand Alex de se lâcher .

Christian Georghiu lost at 3/6
4/6 6/0 6/2
Good backhand and good intensity during the first set.
Bad attitude after when you started to lose the second set.

Kalin Ivanovski Lost at 15
3/3 ab, injurie.

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