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on Wed 9 May - 21:12

Alissa gagne à 15/5 . 7/5 6/1

Positive : from the moment she decided to made the point, to take the control of her opponent, at the middle of the first set , it was really good. Good spin on your forehand . Don't hesitate to finish the point at the net after an attack .

Improve : Don't started the match and pushing the ball . Be agressive at the beginning of your match ! Be more agressive on the second serve of your opponent .

Raffael gagne 15/1 . 6/3 6/1

Positive : Despite a bad starting of match , Raf stayed concentrated for dominate his opponent. Good attitude on your baseline, very strong on your backhand and forehand, very relaxed . Good trajectory very deep .

Improve : Despite the fact to say me at the end " my match was awful" , be more coherent . Your match was intense , and even the coach and father of your oppponent (Mr Contet) said me thatt you are very talented and very strong for his son .


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