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Friday, October 26th

on Fri 26 Oct - 11:55
Carl weller vs 30/4
6/3 6/3
Positive: You played a very good match from the beginning until the end.
You played with a lot of authority and your forehand was very good.
To improve: You did too many mistakes during the first set.

Tait Anelle vs 30/1
6/1 6/1
Positive: You played a very good match. It was easy for you to dictate the point.
To improve: Nothing special about this match.

Gluck Alex (15/2) vs 15/2
6/1 6/0
Positive : Concentré du début à la fin et solide du fond du court
To improve : Jeu vers l'avant et finition au filet

Oscar Weller vs 15/3
4/6 6/3 7/6
Positive : Excellent attitude from the beginin to the end. Good to see him fighting on court and be solid on Baseline strokes.
To improve : When the level of the opponent is close, you need to go and take the voctory. Take more initiatives if you want to kill the match.

Omar vs 15/1
6/4 6/4
Positive : Solid on Baseline strokes and make is opponent Moving a lot. He made the difference physically. Better today than his opponent during the rally
To improve : Change the rythm more (take the ball earlier, play higher, slice…).

Luka Blitzer vs Tipnis 15/1
6/4 2/6 6/2
Positive : Fairplay guy, able to run a lot and defend super good on clay. Good on slice and on second shot after.
To improve : Be more agressiv at the net


Patrick Kimpel vs Hurtic Ahmed (15/1)
6/0 6/1
Positive : Every shot is good from Patrick,  tecnically. Powerfull player
To improve : Use your brain to be better tactically and give more opposition to your opponent.

Tipnis vs Luka Blitzer (15/1)
6/4 2/6  6/2
Positive : Good on serve today and agressiv with forehand
To improve : Start your match better and stay solid from the beginin to the end. The end of the match you did to much unforced errors.
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