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on Sat 5 May - 10:29

Ambre Amat vs 15
6/1 6/0
Positif: Solid match from Ambre, dictated the rhythm of the match from the baseline.
Negatif: Snick in more often during the match.

Nicolas Jadoun vs 1/6
6/3 5/7 7/6
Positif: What a match!!! Loved the fight and the spirit between the 2 players. Nico took the ball early and was offensive...great backhand.. Great job.
Negatif: Watch out that serve that let u down at some crucial moment (ex end of second set).

Mathieu Wierniezki vs 15/1 62 64
positive: technically too strong forhisopponent, good net attacks
to work on: concentration and physical intensity duringall the match

Yassine Smiej vs - 2/6 !!!!!!! 63 41 ret.
positive: great gameplan, great feeling for the game, bravo
to work on: for the next level serve and change aggressive with the backhand


Roxanne Leclerq vs 2/6
0/6 1/6
Positif: I like to see Roxane playing at this level, it was a good first experience in an official match. Good job on the quality of balls, good striking.
Negatif: Got to improve her movement and will be ready for this level. Keep it up.

Teano Balducci vs 5/6
3/6 4/6
Positif: Good match from Teano, was able to compete at this level. Had 2 games points to be up 5/3 in the second by keeping the rally longer. Great tournament and attitude... Keep working on your game.
Negatif: Beginning of the first set, was down 1/4 really quickly by making a lot of unforced errors. Then much better.

Mathieu Wierniezki vs 5/6
3/6 3/6
Positif: Capable de developper un très bon niveau sur des phases de jeu.
Négatif: Mathieu à encore beaucoup de mal avec ses emotions pendant le match. Tactiquement Mathieu n'a pas su tenir le plan tactic mit en place avant match.

Jaqus Kai Inoue vs 5/6 36 36
positive: great fight, good baseline technique
to work on: jump on the serve, game plan

Andrea Djakouris vs 2/6 46 64 46
positive: wha a match, great fight, great physical
To work on : first serve, racket speed on th forehand

Ben Ginefri vs 15/1 36 26
positve: nothing
never come to the tennis court f you are not ready to work hard, no matte who you play!!!!!

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