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on Thu 3 May - 19:56

NAWAF Rashed (3/6) vs 2/6 score 7/6 6/3
Positif : he build the game properly / he used pretty well the drop shot and the attitude was very good
Point to improve : needed to continue to improve the approach game / needed to play sometimes more simple

DJAKOURIS Antreas (3/6) vs 15 score : 6/4 7/5
Positif : he was aggressive during the match he tried a lot o come at the net
Point to improve : the approach game to take the ball at the right moment ! And then to choose the right zone to go

JADOUN Nicolas (2/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/2 6/3
Positif : il n’a pas fait un gros match mais à trouvé la solution pour gagné / bon service dans l’ensemble
Point to improve : mieux utilisé le jeux vers l’avant / une attitude plus positif

SMIEJ Yassine (2/6) vs 2/6 score : 7/5 6/2
Positif : beaucoup mieux le service / bon premier set / 2 eme set plus agressif
Point to improve : doit être plus agressif dès le
Début du match

CALLOUD Fabien (1/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/2 6/3
Positif : à fait un bon match dans l’ensemble petit relâchement dans le 2 eme set mais c’est bien reprit en main
Point to improve : de tenir un peu plus longtemps la diagonale / être plus patient dans ces frappe

DJAKOURIS Antreas 2 nd match (3/6) vs 3/6 score : 6/2 7/6
Positif : he was super offensif and he got a good pourcentage at the net / good smash during this match around 25
Point to improve : to be more lucid at the net sometimes he want to win the point to fast

JADOUN Nicolas 2nd match (2/6) vs 2/6 score : 6/1 6/3
Positif : Il a bien servie en trouvant des bonnes zones
Solide du fond sans sur joué
Point to improve : taper plus fort en premier balles et développé Un meilleure jeu offensif


CHEN Bingru (3/6) vs 2/6 score : 6/0 6/1
Point to improve: no motivation, he didn’t find the motivation to win / did to many stupid mistake

YAZDI Kian (3/6) vs 1/6 score : 6/4 6/4
Positif : played intelligently for most part of the match, cut the angles well
Point to improve : attacking on backhand, staying focused mentally throughly the whole match.

NAWAF Rashed 2nd match (3/6) vs 2/6 score : 6/2 7/6
Positif : he did a super fighting he was better in the second set
Point to improve : the same than the first match this morning needed to be more offensif !

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