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on Sat 28 Apr - 19:06

Arthur O’SULLIVAN 5/6 VS 15. 6/1 6/0
- he played a serious match
- he has led the game with heavy shots, touching correct zones (deep)
- he has came to finish points at the net
- he played a good touch game (drop shots, passing shots)
Points to improve:
- he has to follow faster and earlier into the court to play more efficient approaches

Benjamin GINEFRI vs 15/2 7/6 ab.
Positif: grosse grosse bagarre de Benjamin contre un adversaire difficile à jouer ! Il l'a fait craquer mentalement. Agressif du début à la fin.
A ameliorer: plus contrôler ton attitude dans les moments difficiles. Tu aurais pu gagner le set plus tôt

Cui YIFEI vs 15 6/0 6/1
Positive: no match, just too strong for your opponent. Aggressive and a really good serve !
Next match !

Josh ROE FLANELY vs 15/2 7/5 6/0
Positive: you changed your tactic at 3/5... and won 10 games in a row! You played more softly and didn't make mistakes anymore...good tactic !!
To improve: go more to the net to finish the point after a good shot.
Less talk and stay focused on your court

Grace TOMEGAH vs 5/6. 6/3 6/1
Positive: Really good attitude, more consistency than yesterday.
To improve: Like your previous match, you play often too short. More power on your groundstroke...every time you played long, you controlled the game.


Rajan DUSHI 15 VS 5/6. 1/6 4/6
- he kept a fighting attitude trying to build more the point at 1/6 1/2
- he did winner groundstrokes shots
Points to improve:
- he played too fast shots, too straight, too early point, forgetting to build the point and to make the opponent play a lot of rallies (50 years old).
- he had to play with the same intensity but more curving trajectories, more patient against an opponent who liked to counter attack
- he has to learn to play heavy, topspin and more curving trajectories cross court shots to defend and get time to come back in direction of the middle
- he has to make the opponent play more volleys when he’s at the net
- he has to keep more moving between the shots (late reaction), especially after his serve

Vova YELIZAROV vs 15. 3/6 7/6 6/2
Positive: you were very aggressive , used your big serve to win many points. you controlled the match until 6/3 4/1...
To improve: attitude, attitude !!! You can not give the match to your opponent like that. You do not play the 3rd set, you drag your feet, ask me to stop at 2/4...fight until the end !!

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