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on Sat 28 Apr - 19:06

Rajan DUSHI vs 15/2 6/16/0
Positive: really good match, you just destroyed your opponent
To improve: ...

Tanisq MALLPANI vs 15 6/4 6/3
Positive: Good attitude and good intensity
You were more and more aggressive throughout the match. Many points won at the net, go there more!
To improve: Bad stard, you were losing 4/1...
Backhand slice and forehand on slow ball.

Grace TOMEGAH vs 15/1 3/6 6/4 6/2
Positive: what a match ! Really good attitude , you're a warrior on the court !
To improve: You often play too short so your opponent can attack you ans you're in trouble. every time you played long, you dominated the point and controlled the game


Agassi George TOMEGAH 15 VS 15. 1/6 2/6
- he played with a super attitude, fighting despite he was injuried and he couldn’t move correctly: he never gave up
- he served big 1st serve (fast)
- he played big forehand
Points to improve:
- he has to play shorter inside out forehand
- Timing on slice backhand shot

Roger MC DONEL 15/1 VS 15. 2/6 2/6
- he played with a good intensity
- he served to take the advantage in the point
- he played offensive
Points à améliorer:
- he has to keep relax with high body when he’s playing with intensity
- he has to transfer the weight on the short, slow and low forehand shot
- he played too short approaches

Karan VENKATRAMANA vs 15 6/3 6/4
Positive: you fought the whole match with a good attitude. You did many winners with your forehand and with your big serve
To improve: too many mistakes on returns (1st and 2nd). More consistency on your backhand.
Take your time when you lead and do not rush to finish points earlier.

Shyla KHATTAR vs 15 6/4 6/4
Positive: good attitude throughout the match.
You build well your points, play deep, consistent and you get short balls...
To improve: a lot of mistakes on short balls to finish the points.

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