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on Tue 24 Apr - 23:54

-VURUM Adhiti (4/6) vs LYNN Brown Ella (15/1) : 6/1 7/5
Positive point : Adhiti is a model to copy by her positive, calm, and professional attitude. Yesterday she played very solid managing the game good.
Point to improve : Stay to much on the baseline is dangerous, go foreward more even if your tactic at the begining was to stay solid back, you need to attack more with your forehand.

-NAWAF Rasheed (3/6) vs TORDO Sébastien (4/6) : 7/6 6/1
Positive point : Rasheed fight hard on court and has a very good fitness condition. He can stay 5 hours in a row with no problem. The first set was hard, long rallies... But on the second set, Rasheed goes more to the net to finish the point earlier, that was smart.
Point to improve : Change the rythm more when you have the opportunity and work on your ball quality (more speed and spin).

-BECOUARN Maxime (15/2) vs FRANCHET Maçéo (15/1) : 5/7 6/2 10/8
Point positif : Match sérieux de Maxime du début à la fin, il a su l'emporter grâce à sa solidité du fond, ses coups gagnants en coup droit de gaucher.
Point à améliorer : Améliorer la première balle de service pour avoir plus de points gratuits (sans grosse dépense d'énergie). Sur des matchs longs comme celui-ci, ça aidera.

-SIPAYOGLOU Can (15/3) VS (15/2) : 6/1 3/6 10/5
Positive point : Good  behaviour from this young player, from the beginin to the end. He never gave up and encourage himself often. Can is able to use his weapon (the forehand) has much has possible (in the first set). On the second it was harder.
Point to improve : Your serve must be improve to have not only one big shot but two. If after your serve you can use your forehand it's perfect. On deuce side, slice zone to have more chance to play a forehand on the second shot. And on advantage side, kick serve to have more chance to play a forehand on the second shot.

- Aidar Aidassov vs Benjamin Ginefri 62 61
Good strong match from Aidar,  physically stronger, Ben needs to have a stronger service game

- Chen Bingru vs Tristan Taylor 62 61
Strong hitting from Chen,  like always


LYNN BROWN Ella (15/1) vs VURUM Aadhiti : 1/6 5/7
Positive point : Good second set for Ella, she started with a break. She has the opportunity to break at 5/5 but didn't take her chance. She was pretty solid on this match and her serve was better. Tatcticly, she can be proud of what she is doing at the moment. Big improvement since the begninin of the season.
Point to improve : Be more serious and professional before the match (prepare your bag with a TOWEL has we said). During the match, you need to be more agressive when your opponent second serve is not fast. Start your match better, focus and calm.

KIMPEL Patrick (15/1) vs FERRANDES Nicolas (15) : 2/6 3/6
Positive point : Patrick has a good ball quality and he is able to hit strong to do winners on both sides.
Point to improve : Use more your brain to change the rythm sometimes. Be more patient, wait one or two more shots on the cross court.
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