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on Sun 22 Apr - 11:09

Disha GABA vs 30/1
6:0 6:3 Perf !!! Bravo !
Positive: good match, good fighting spirit, she existed in long points, running to each ball!
Points to improve: work on early and solid preparation - do not hit ball behind you and longer hitting zone. Too many balls hit in the frame! Priority second serve!

Ella lynn Brown won 6/1 6/1 vs 5/6
+ : Very good and solid match. She played really smart tactically by pushing her opponent to mistakes. Really good high balls on opponent's backhand.
To improve : to keep playing smart like she did.

Hussein Al Tawil won 6/2 7/5 vs 4/6
+ : Very solid match mentaly and tactically despite the heat. He played a solid opponent but didn't give him the chance to Come back. Managed well 1st serve return.
To improve : to increase the power of certain of his shots in order to break the rythm more often. To take more his time on crucial.

Ariel bouskila won 3/6 6/3 1/0 vs 15/4
+ : he did a good fight, he found the solution in 2nd set and played really solid and agressiv in the super tie break.
To improve : has to come more often to the net after short balls. To get more consistent on his 1st serve..

Shyla Khattar won 6/2 6/2 vs Srishti Dhir
+ : She played consistant and deep the whole match , making her do the mistake.
To improve : to take a bit more her chance by attacking on short balls for the next match.

TAYLOR Tristan vs GHOERGHIU Cristian W 6/1-7/5 (Academy)
+good fighting spirit after the loss of the first set. Hung in there in the second holding and capitalizing on a break opportunity. Played with a bit more consistency.
To improve
Too much talking, wining. Watch the attitude.
Variety, changing rhythm and heights.
Plays too much the same way. Either plays faster than the opponent and wins or starts missing too much.
+very good first set playing solid with consistency being aggressive when needed. Serving well and holding easily getting lots of free points on the first serve.
To improve
Second serve because way too many double faults. Mix up more and vary more on the first as well.
Shot selection.

BRAUN SIMO Inaki vs DUSHI Rajan W 6/4-6/4 (Academy)
+played decent enough to win today.
Changed at times pace and heights.
Played alright tactically.
To improve
Consistency with the concentration. Staying focused point after point.
Still gives some points away because of a lack of discipline with the footwork.
+fought hard and tried to stay close to give himself a shot.
Some good phases dictating play with the forehand and moving in to finish the point at the net.
To improve
Attitude is too negative, too much frustration and anger, racquet affects the way he plays in a negative way.
Didn’t play the right match tactically.
Lack of variety, plays too much the same way.
Needs to play at times with more safety and more patience.

TOMEGAH Grace vs 5/6 W 6/2-3/6-6/2 (perf)
+good match and good win. Good reaction in the second after losing the first set quickly.
Good adjustments tactically in the second set. Dictated play more and played higher with more topspin to bother her opponent. Made her move around as well since she couldn’t move well.
To improve
Get into the match right away.
1st serve consistency, pourcentage needs to be higher.

LIU PhenMing vs DECALUWE Thibaut W 6/3-6/3 (Academy)
+motivation was there.
Tried to find his rythm.
To improve
The mindset and will to win has to be higher.
If in a day off, try to find a way to win (winning ugly).
Too many unforced errors. Improve the high backhand, the use of the forehand. Hit the ball looking for a good zone instead of wanting to hit the clean winner and give some free points to the opponent. Make him beat you.
+good match, played tactically right.
Good variety, change of heights, and change of pace. Didn’t let the opponent settle into the match really.
Also came to the net to put pressure on the opponent and to finish play.
To improve
The concentration must be higher because capable of ups and downs and gives free points away because of bad foot work or bad shot selection.

YELIZAROV Vova vs 15/2 W 6/1-6/1
+solid match. Took care of business against a weaker opponent. Stayed focused and didn’t let him believe he had a chance.
Good serving, the spin works well for you on this surface.


Srishti Dhir Lost 2/6 2/6 vs Shyla Khattar
+ : She played solid on the baseline and used well her forehand to make her move. Good attitude.
To improve : need to work on her serve and her intentions.

Hugo Obori lost 6/2 6/3 vs 15/1
+ : Was really focus on his game plan and played well tactically. Played solid from the baseline.
To improve : has to work on his return, to reduce preparations and get quicker on the ball. To keep working on his warrior attitude.

Hugo Rieme lost 6/1 6/1 vs 15/2
+ : À fait moins de faute que sur le match précédent, s'est arraché sur chaque point.
To improve : Hugo manque d'intention tactiques, de plan de jeu. Il ne sait pas ce qu'il fait ni où il va sur le terrain et par conséquent se sent perdu. Il a besoin de s'entraîner à élaborer des stratégies et à les appliquer.

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