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on Sat 21 Apr - 7:27

CHEN Bingru vs 2/6 W 6/3-7/6 (perf)
+good match overall. Dictated play and controlled the issue of the points.
To improve
Shot selection.
Needs to come to the net more often to finish play. Work on net play.
Gotta stay focused and patient picking the right time to move forward.

SMIEJ Yassine vs 2/6 W 7/5-1/6-7/5
+tres bon esprit combatif avec une attitude positive.
Tres régulier et à poussé l’adversaire à la faute grâce à son bonne couverture de terrain.
À améliorer
Le service car trop irrégulier. Pas assez de points gratuits ou de services qui permettent un retour plus faible à négocier. Doubles fautes et service à la cuillère.
Doit être moins passif car trop sur La Défense. Aller plus vers l’avant.

AL BARWANI Abdullah vs 2/6 W 1/6-7/6-6/1
+good job hanging in there and starting fresh in the second after the quick loss of the first set.
Was able to push the opponent back a bit more and dictate play when possible.
To improve
Careful with the body language and negative thoughts.
Gotta be more focused and find steadiness throughout a whole match, too many ups and downs.
Improve shot selection.

GOMEZ Pablo vs 2/6 W 4/6-7/6-6/1
+good fighting spirit because it wasn’t easy today against a tough opponent to play.
Kept his cool and was able to take the second set tiebreak which was decisive.
Was able to control most of the points dictating play and also at times coming forward to finish at the net.
To improve
Could have played a better match tactically.
Can use more variety, changing rhythm and heights.

Fabien Caloud won 6/3 4/6 6/2 vs 2/6
+ : Très bon début de match, a pris à la gorge son adversaire sans le laisser respirer. Bonne réaction également et super attitude de guerrier dans le 3eme à 2-2.
To improve : attention à ne pas confondre être détendu et non chalance.


Lada baglaeva lost 6/0 6/2 vs 2/6
+ : She played more rallies and get a better attitude than usual.
To improve : to apply her game plan at the beginning and to keep doing it as soon as it's working.

MAGUARIRA Rufaro vs 4/6 L 7/6-0/6-4/6 (resumed play today one set).
+a few games played the right way being patient and attacking when needed to come finish at the net.
To improve
Attitude must be more positive, body language as well.
Needs to be more patient and work on shot selection. Swinging (driving) volleys, net play (volleys and overheads).

TROFIMOV Egor vs 1/6 L 6/3-6/2
+very close match, despite the score the games were close. Dictated play with the forehand moving the opponent around. Inside out forehand hurting the opponent.
Good variety and use of the court.
To improve
Lost the most important points. Needs to give a little bit less free points.
Needs to be more patient at times and play heavier with more safety using more topspin on the ball.
Shot selection because he has different options, make sure to pick the right one.

ESPITALIER Jason vs 2/6 L 6/1-6/1
À améliorer
L’attitude est trop négative, trop d’agacement ce qui l’empêche de performer à son potentiel.
N’a pas trouvé la solution tactique.
Jouer avec plus d’intensité, de volume et lourdeur surtout en coup droit.

DJAKOURIS Antreas vs 2/6 L 7/5-4/6-6/3
+great fighting spirit today. Great battle. A really long and tough match. Good court coverage being able to cover a lot of ground.
Played well at times trying to put more pressure on the opponent.
To improve
Too passive, the opponent dictated most of the points.
Unforced errors on both wings. Late on some forehands and missing deep losing control of the backhand hit to flat at times when topspin is needed.
Serving (mixing it up more), too many “engagements”. Not able to hold comfortably today and got broken too many times.

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