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on Thu 19 Apr - 19:02

SALVI Shalom (15) VS DERMENCI Aysenaz (15/1) : 6/1 6/2
Positive point : Calm attitud + Solidity + Managing the game good + No risk with tactical plan.
Point to improve : She lost her focus for one moment at the beginin of the second set.

LYNN BROWN Ella (15/1) VS DHIR Srishti (15) : 2/6 7/6 10/4
Positive point : Solid match, Ella was able to keep the rally against Srishti. Excellent match with good attitude.
Point to improve : We need to fix more your serve and be more precis with your forehand cross zone.

BERTRAN Marie (5/6) VS PAPYAN Ani (5/6) : 3/0 AB


LAVERGNE Maxence vs 30/1: 2/6 6/1 10/8
Positif: premier set solide, en contrôle, régulier dans l'échange et agressif.
À améliorer: tu as changé de tactique au lieu de continuer à faire ce qui marchait, tu es devenu trop attentiste.
Plus de concentration sur les coups de finition au filet.
Trop de double fautes

MUHYALDEEN Arry vs 5/6: 2/6 7/5 6/4
Positive : really good start 3/0 easily.
Really aggressive returns and serves.
You control the rhythm of the match
To improve: stay focus the whole match, too many up and down.
Finishing shots at the net .

DHIR Srishti (15) VS LYNN BROWNE Ella (15/1) : 6/2 6/7 4/10
Positive point : Very good match from Srishti 6/2 4/2. Pretty solid and excellent fight spirit.
Point to improve : Accept sometimes to miss and don't get pissed whatever happens.

DERMENCI Aysenaz (15/1) VS SALVI Shalom (15) : 1/6 2/6
Positive point : She tried from the beginin to the end but it wasn't enough against a good Shalom today.
Point to improve : Not a good day for Naz. She could do better for sure but wasn't able to use her forehand a lot on clay.

THOMEGA Agassi (15) VS 15/1 : 6/1 6/1
Positive point : Agassi was solid on his baseline today and was fighting good.
Point to improve : You need to be able now to go inside the court. Attack more by taki,g the ball early and change the rythm

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