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Wednesday, October 24th

on Wed 24 Oct - 19:05

Hanako Kasai vs 30 PERF!
6:2 6:2
Positive: good attitude and fighting spirit. She played good defensive. Running to every ball.
Points to improve:stronger service, zone controlling.

Sarah Alberger vs 30/3
6:1 6:0
Positive: good positive energy, a lot of fighting spirit, very good behaviour on the court. She dictated the game!

Teano Balducci vs 15/1
6:2 6:2
Positive: good, solid match, good attitude, concentrated, nice to watch him playing. Very good forehand and good tactical.

Mostyn Fulford vs 30/1
6:0 6:0
Positive: good fast match, with good attitude. Mostyn was controlling the whole match. Very good service.

Mikhail Shchirba vs 30
6:4 6:1
Positive: good fighting spirit, very calm and concentrated. Very solid defence.
Points to improve: work on your approaching shot and aggressiveness.

FAKHOURI Omar wins 6/2 6/1 vs 15/2 :

Positive : Omar was solid enough against a good opponent. Played simple and was patient with good margins and depth.

To improve : Try to follow your attacks at the net!

MAGOW Abhinav vs 15/2 6/3 2/6 6/3 :

Positive : Played effectively in the 1st and 3rd set. Good 1st serves and not missing much from his baseline.

To improve : Kepp the same intentions all match long if they are working.

MARTINEZ Kilian vs 15/2 6/1 6/2 :

Positive : Un match maîtrisé pour Kilian qui n'a pas donné beaucoup de points gratuits à son adversaire. Patient et appliqué un match efficace qui lui permet de garder de l'énergie pour la suite de ces 2 tournois.

To improve : Reconnaître et savoir attaquer la bonne balle.


Luis Schwartz vs 30/1 Sarah Alberger
1:6 0:6
Positive: good performance, she was fighting for all the points.
Points to improve: work on consistency, she was hitting to hard and making a lot of unforced errors.
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