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on Tue 17 Apr - 17:14

Stephanie Tyga vs Aggarwal Bhavya 30/1
6:0 6:2
Positive: good behaviour on the court good attitude. She controlled all the match.
Points to improve: directions and play more brave.

Naz Dermenci vs Raphaëlle Margueron 15/1
6:3 6:1
Positive: good behaviour. She controlled the match. She was focused
Points to improve: aggressiveness and faster moving forward. Work on your attack


Danilov Roman vs 15/5
6:4 0:6 6:3
Positive: good fighting spirit. Involvement in the match, good footwork and good forehand.
Points to improve: definitely backhand he played too much slice and more solid approach! Work on your aggressiveness.

Hugo Obori vs 15/4
4:6 4:6
Positive: good attitude and fighting spirit
Points to improve: definitely work on your finishing shot and volleys. Many times he came to the net and he was waiting for a ball bounce.

Raphaëlle Margueron vs Naz Dermenci 15/1
3:6 1:6
good start in both sets but after she stayed too long behind baseline waiting for the opponent’s mistakes. Work on moving forward and winning trying to win points alone.

Aggarwal Bhavya vs Stephanie Tyga 15/3
0:6 2:6
Positive: attitude, calm
Points to improve: points construction, she played all the points the same power. So many big outs expessially with return!!!

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