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on Tue 17 Apr - 17:14

PICTET Flavien vs 15/1 W 7/5-7/5
+tres bon match avec la bonne attitude et mentalité.
A su être patient et agressif quand il le fallait. A su venir vers l’avant pour finir les points au filet. À dicté les points avec le coup droit.
À améliorer
Le service (premiere et seconde balle) régularité, zones, effets.
Les choix des coups à jouer surtout avec le coup droit.

BRAUN SIMO Inaki vs 15 W 6/3-6/2
+good mindset staying focused because it was important to do so today.
Good job being aggressive, playing with the right intensity.
Dictated play with the forehand wing.
To improve
Needs to come more often to the net to finish points.

MERAH Ayan vs 15/1 W 6/3-6/3
+played aggressive tennis. Dictated play with the forehand wing.
Stayed focused the whole match.
To improve
First serve (toss), consistency. Second serve spin (kick)

DUSHI Rajan vs YAN Shengbin W 7/6-6/7-7/5 (Academy)
+good match overall and good fighting spirit.
Really long and close match with ups and downs. Managed the lows a bit better than his opponent.
Played aggressive tennis. Won most points when able to make the opponent move.
Hurt the opponent with the forehand.
To improve
Too many unforced errors. Needs to be a bit steadier and to work on shot selection.
Should have closed the match at 5-2 up in the second, but got a bit tight and lost a bit of focus.
Serving consistency has to improve.
+good fighting spirit in a tough and long match. Good job hanging in there being down and about to lose in the second. For half a set and most of the third good attitude and focus. I saw some positive energy and a winning attitude.
Some sequences were great dictating and controlling play being closer to the baseline.
Better job with the volume and safety on some shots too.
To improve
Mentally can get better. Still too many ups and downs throughout the match. Too unforced errors. At times you play great tennis and then poor tennis. Needs to find more consistency and a higher average level.
Serve needs to be more consistent. Too many double faults. Use more first/second serves especially on clay. Needs to be smarter with the way the serve is used because too many breaks were conceded.

VERGARA Alberto vs 15 W 0/6-6/0-6/0
+good job staying calm and sh back strong figuring out how to play and beat the opponent after the quick loss of the first set.
Good analysis and right game plan making move the opponent and playing behind his back as much as possible.
To improve
Play your game or at least try to impose it. Needs to figure out more quickly how to play the opponent, took him a while to “wake up”.

Josh Roe Flanely vs 15
6/1 3/6 6/1
Positif: Great fighting spirit throught the match. Good managment of Josh emotion that allow him to win that match. Better on his aggressive game.
Négatif: I want to see you more at the net on some occasions, follow your great shots!!!

Max Ginefri vs 15
7/6 4/6 6/2
Positif: Fight through a tought day ( was not a great day tennistically) and found the way to win ugly.
Négatif: Overall intensity. Warning...

Ines Rienzo vs 15/1
6/1 6/4
Positif: Bon match de Ines avec peu de fautes directes. A dominé son adversaire.
Négatif: Attention à 3/0 dans le second.. petit relachement.

Christian Gheorghiu  vs 5/6
6/1 7/5
Positif: Solid match, was in the zone and up a set and 5/1 up. Did not panic at 5/5 and Christian was able to clinched the match 7/5.
Négatif: 10 minutes of the match that allow his opponent to come back from 1/5 to 5/5.


TOMEGAH Grace vs L 7/5-1/6-0/6
+fought hard, but came up short. Good first set playing some aggressive tennis being also steady making her opponent move and controlling points.
To improve
Being able to analyze, assess the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent to set up the right game plan.
Went away from what she was doing well in the first set, but not able to recognize it to make the necessary adjustments.
Forehand down the line to work on.

WIERNIEZKY Mathieu vs 15 L 6/1-6/1
+bon esprit combatif malgré le score.
régularité et volume côté revers.
À améliorer
Côté coup droit trop de fautes directes. Jouer avec plus de volume, de lift et donc de sécurité.
Service lifté à travailler, mettre plus d’effets et moins tendu.

Thibault Delcaluwe vs 15/1
7/6 5/7 retired
Positif: Can strike the ball so well when Thibault is in the zone.
Négatif: Injured back...

Agassi Tomegah vs 5/6
3/6 3/6
Positif: Great attitude and fighting spirit from Agassi. I liked what i saw in this tournament, let keep it up for next tournament.
Négatif: Still some unforced errors at keys points. Let keep working on that attacking game.

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