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on Mon 16 Apr - 17:38

Jules Frayre vs 15/1
6/3 6/4
Un très bon match pour Jules contre un adversaire très atypique. Il a réussi à poser son jeu simplement et basé sur l’efficacité. Bonne solidarité de fond de court.
Attention à ne pas trop te relâcher en fin de match.

Arthur Charrier vs 15
6/3 6/2
Positif: Did the job with a good attitude. Next match
Negatif: Depth in his overall shots.

Agassi Tomegah vs 15/1
6/3 6/3
Positif: Great match Agassi!! we needed that one!!  The starting point...

Shalom Salvi vs 15/1
6/0 6/0
Positif: Solid match from Shalon by dictacting the rythm ( was controlling the points with an agressive baseline game).
Négatif: Come and snik in a bit more through the match ( more pressure).

Rajan Dushi vs 15/2
6/1 6/2
Positif: Good solid match from Rajan from the start till the end. Few unforced errors and find himself clinching a lot of points at the net. Good job!
Negatif: Keep focusing on ur depth on your overall shots.

Christian Gheorghiu vs 15/1
6/3 4/6 6/0
Positif: Energy is great, Christian is capable to put a lot of pressure to his opponent.
Négatif: Like we been talking about u got to manage better your emotions. Breath, take your time and so on.

Shyla Khattar (15) VS Aleksja Gutic (15/2) : 6/4 6/4
Positive point : Shyla didn't play her best tennis but she was abble to be good at the best moment of the match.
Point to improve : Try to play your first round with more serious and more combativity.

Ella Lynn Browne (15/1) VS Charlotte Perrot (15)
Positive point : Ella fignt good on court today and she was more solid than her opponent.
Point to improve : Ella doesn't play as training session. She is really tense. So she is not abble to play release. Next match, her objective will be to use the time off "no-play" between two points to breathe and relax.


Maria KAPUSTINA vs 15
6/1 6/1
You tried to play with your strengths and you started the match nicely. I loved the way how you used your forehand.
To improve
You really need to improve your way to understand a match and to read the situations. I didn’t see you to change your tactics after you lost the first set. I would like more fighting spirit.

Roger Macdonel vs 15
2/6 2/6
Positif: Had the good tactic vs those type of player. Keep charging the net.
Négatif: Too many errors in Roger attacking game. Keep working in this area to be able to crush those opponents.

Christian Duffy vs 15/1
3/6 3/6
Positif: Had some good sequences and capable of hitting great shots.
Négatif: Weak start of the match with too many unforced. Got to put on the grinding mode and keep the rallies longer.

Raphaelle Margueron vs 15
0/6 0/6
Positif: N a jamais lâché.
Négatif: Beaucoup de fautes directes aujourd'hui. Rafaelle n est jamais rentré dans le match et a ete bousculée niveau rythm. ( beaucoup de frustration).

Arry Muhyaldeen vs 15
6/3 6/2
The beginning of the first set has been good. You used your slice nicely and you played in priority with your forehand. I loved the first serve quality.
To improve
You are talking too much for nothing all the time. I want you more focus on how to win, instead of complaining about your game.

Clara Winther vs 15
7/6 6/0
I really loved the first set. You were leading 4/1. The serve has been very good and consistent. Nice finishing shots.
To improve
You started to be upset at the end of the first set. Unfortunately, you did not calm down and you lost all your game during the second set.

Zino Mirtorabi (15/2) VS Mohammed Hilmy (15) : 6/4 6/2
Point + : Zino se bagarre sur le terrain a fait quelques coups gagnants côté coup droit. Quelques bons passages à noter.
Point à améliorer : Cependant il y a trop de hauts et de bas dans ce match. La solution pour que Zino se rapproche de son meilleur niveau en match est de rester calme pour mieux jouer tactiquement. A lui de trouver des routines de performances pour qu'il parvienne à rester CONCENTRé du début à la fin.
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