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on Sun 15 Apr - 10:29

- Arry vs 15/1 61 64
Positive: good solid baseline game , especially from the backhand
To work on: more consistent in the intensity

- Clara vs 15/1 76 75
Positive: good fighting, she came back in the first set
To work on: serve!!

- Roger vs 15/1 16 64 60
Positive: much better the height on the baseline, heavy, great net attacks
To work on: transfer on the forehand

-Natascha vs 15/5 76 63
Positive: she came back from 5:1 down in the first, she is more mature
To work on: much better the physical but still a lot to improve

- Zino vs 15/1 76 62
Positive: stayed relatively calm again, playing intelligently
To work on: serve percentage

- Maria vs 15/1 62 60
Positive: very focused, too strong from the baseline

Ella Lynn brown (15/1) vs 15/3
3/6 6/2 6/2
Positive : very good attitude and fighting spirit, there was a good intensity all match long, good reaction tactically
To improve: serve in priority (too many doubles faults) try to be consistent at the beginning and get more agressive step by step and not the opposite

Raphaelle Margueron (15/1) vs 15/4
6/2 6/1
Positif : très bon match, solide du fond avec un attitude très positive, je suis content de toi, tu as réussi à faire craquer l’adversaire qui jouait très vite
A améliorer : la 2eme balle de service peut être plus régulière, garde toujours la tête vers le haut ! Bon match !


- Spencer vs 15/2 36 06
Positive: good close first set, good technique
Negative: serve and too paralysed in the second set

- Tanguy vs 15/1 46 16
Positive: strong forehand game
To work on: more mental consistency

- Gonzalo vs 15/2 36 36
Positive: good technical, good touch
Negative: more discipline, serve

- Evans vs 15/3 06 46
Positive: good comeback in the second
To work on: don't let the ball fall too much on the backhand

- Alex vs 15/2 26 06
Positive: stronger technically
To work on: connection between his shots, consistency

- Theo vs 15/1 06 46
Positive: good fighting, very strong in the second set
To work on: service game, finishing on the volley

-Alexander vs 15/2 36 06
Positive: strong forehand
To work on : he needs to be more serious

- Karan vs 15/2 36 16
Positive: he is working on his firnes
To work on: spin, consistency

- maxime vs 15/1 67 26
Positive: good baseline, good feeling for the game
To work on: net game and serve!!!

Léo pilet (15/1) vs 15/1
6/2 6/2
Positif : attitude , tu t'es accroché et tu as essayé durant tout le match . Beaucoup mieux au service , meilleur seconde balle , et tes trajectoires en coup droit étaient très bonnes .
À améliorer : il doit y avoir plus d'échanges sur terre , tu as forcé et surjoué une grande partie du match , et tu as produis énormément de fautes directes . Sois plus patient pour construire ton point , patient mais en n'étant pas passif tout de même

Natasha lukashova (15/1) vs 15/1
6/7 6/0 6/3
Positive : she is consistent and stay calm all match long, when she decides to move more she is able to play more agressive
To improve : be more positive, natasha never say come on. She lost patience after a long first set, she should continue the same way to win this match but she Was taking too much risks at some moments

Baboshin Alissa vs 15
6/2 6/1
She kept a very good attitude during all match long. She tried to give her best today on the court, but to be honest, it was not enough to disturb her opponent.
To improve
She played very short and she should try to be more aggressive. Be careful about the finishing shots.

Tyga Stephanie vs 15/2
4/6 6/4 10/5
To be honest she impressed me with her way to stay focus after what happened with a person outside of the court. Very good first set and you came back during the second set.
To improve
She shouldn't maybe accept to play a super tiebreak for the third set. She were not ready mentally.

Inoue Kai vs 15/3
7/6 6/2
A very difficult match for Kai today, but I loved the way you played during the first set. The first serve is improving a lot and the volley looks much better
To improve
You did not think enough to find tactically how to play your opponent today. I did not like your attitude at the end, you lost your temper.

Larosa Luciano vs 15/2
7/5 6/2
The best match I saw him to play since long. I saw him focus and dedicated about what he's doing on the court. He played an adult and he didn't act like a kid at all. Very focus and aggressive.
Too improve
What a pity that he missed to many finishing shots and he didn't took his chance a bit more at the end of the first set.

Dermenci Naz vs 15/2
7/5 4/6 7/5
A very long match, full of ups and downs. I saw her very focus and involved. She was more aggressive during the second set and unfortunately she did continue enough.
To improve
Be careful how you are starting every set. You played too short. I wanted to see you take more your chance after the second serve


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