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Wednesday, October 24th

on Wed 24 Oct - 19:03

KASSUBECK Pierre-Emmanuel vs 15 : 6/3 67 6/3

Positif : Un gros match de Pierre-Emmanuel, grosse bataille avec un adversaire qui essayait de faire le jeu avec son coup droit! Pierre-Emmanuel a su bien le manœuvrer en jouant long et en variant les zones. Toujours concentré et bagarreur : Super Attitude.

A améliorer : La présence au filet. Le service : ton pourcentage de premières doit être encore plus élevé.

OBORI Hugo vs 15/4 : 6/0 6/4

Positive : Hugo understood that he had to fight for every point against a tricky player who played flat, sliced a lot and took the net whenever he could. Great fight from Hugo who is a great fighter.

To improve : Do not slow down your intensity after the 1st set.


MEHRA Ayan vs 15/3 : 5/7 0/6

Positive : Until 5/5 30-30 Ayan was in the match mixing up things nicely. A lot of variations and a good fight till then.

To improve : Once he missed that put-away volley at 5/5 30/30, he disconnected and could not win another game.

TIPNIS Krishh vs 15 : 6/2 2/6 2/6

Positive : Backhand strokes are on point, deep and consistent. Forehand can be huge and powerful but sometimes Krishh forces it and make mistakes instead of being patient and build up the point.

To improve : Krishh needs to improve on the short low balls. Work on your serve, don't force it.

FAKHOURI Omar vs 15 : 3/6 4/6

Positive : Always solid from his baseline Omar battled out all match long, until the end.

To improve : Need to improve on balls he can attack and follow it to the net. Against good players if you attack a short ball and don't follow it at the net, they gonna retrieve your attack and the rally gonna restart!
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