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on Sat 7 Apr - 18:51
Roman Danilov vs 30/2
6/4 6/3
Positif: Good match from Roman, much better on the serve than his last match that i saw. Also better from the baseline with a better consistency.
Négatif: Attacking shots, don t need to go for that much.

Disha Gaba vs 30/1
5/7 6/4 10/6
Positif: Good fighting spirit from Disha, she was controlling the pace of the match with an aggresive baseline game.
Négatif: Can try to do more drive volleys through the match especially vs that kind of opponent.

Bhavya Aggarwal vs 30/2
6/1 6/2
Positif: Roll over her opponent, good job on your zones.

Ramza Arkallayev vs 30/3
1/6 2/6
Négatif: Was not too ready to play his match. Too many unforced errors through the match.

Alex Ori Ingvarsson vs 30
5/7 4/6
Positif: Alex had his chances to win that match, got to believe on himself to clinch those tight matches.
Negatif: Unforced errors and managing keys moments. Keep the energy up the all match.

Roman Danilov vs 30
4/6 6/7
Positif: Better in the second, Roman was more agressif and was controlling the set ( 5 set points).
Négatif: Choose the wrong tactical plan during his first set. Keep using an offensive plan vs those opponent. Finishing points, stop hitting those shots 1000 miles an hours.

Disha Gaba vs 30
3/6 4/6
Positif: Had the right tactical plan, tryed to put pressur on her opponent the all match.
Négatif: Unforced errors on attacks that cause her the match.


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